‘Shock! Nails fall out’…5R ‘Hisalisong One-Top’ likely, opponent is a physically strong team + analysis that Hisalisong’s tearful confession is the reason! ‘Tottenham fans want nails’

September 16, 2023 | by

The fifth round of the English Premier League (EPL) will take place on Saturday when Tottenham hosts Sheffield United.

There’s a shocking prediction ahead of this match. ‘Nail’ is expected to be out. Instead, it’s speculated that Nail will play up front. ‘Football London’ in England reported the news, using the word ‘shock’.

Tottenham have been playing with the Frenchman up top for the past three rounds. He hadn’t scored a goal. The team was unbeaten (2 wins, 1 draw), but the destructiveness of the top line had diminished. He was not immune to criticism.

Coach Enze Postecoglou put Son up front against Burnley in the fourth round, and Son responded with a hat trick. Everyone cheered. They were excited that they had found a way to fill the void left by Harry Kane’s departure to Bayern Munich. The ‘nail’ effect was huge. The accolades were endless.

But then came the news that the nail had been removed and that a top three was now being considered. Shock is the only word to describe it.

The media outlet said, “It looks like Heung-min Son will start up front against Sheffield United. Postecoglou’s analysis suggests that Son will be left out of the starting lineup to allow for the return of Heung-min,” the outlet reported.

“Heung-min has proven that he can play up top, but Postecoglu has a selection dilemma. This is a phenomenon that occurred after Hyssop’s confession during the A-Match.” 스포츠토토

He was seen breaking down in tears during the A-match and told Brazilian media, “I had a turbulent time off the field. Now I’ve calmed down a bit. The people who only wanted my money are no longer around me. I’m going to go back to England and do some psychotherapy to strengthen my mental strength. Everything will go smoothly from now on. I’m sure good things will happen again at Tottenham,” he said.

One of the most vocal advocates for a return to the Gunners is legendary striker Paul Merson, who played for Arsenal from 1985 to 1997. The former England international is now a soccer pundit.

“Tottenham must win against Sheffield United. The next game is Arsenal, their biggest challenge. Tottenham should beat Sheffield United easily. Although Son Heung-min scored a hat-trick in the center of the park in the fourth round, Sheffield United are a physical team, so Postecoglu will play Heyshallisong up front. They will try a different look in attack.”

However, Football London concludes, “It’s up to Postecoglou to decide. It remains to be seen if Merson’s prediction will come true. However, many Tottenham fans will have their hopes up for Son Heung-min.”


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