‘Bae Ji-hwan was also hit’…3 strikes on a questionable strike call

September 16, 2023 | by


He picked his pitches carefully, but shook his head at the bizarre call. A series of incomprehensible strikes halted Bae’s hitting streak at eight games.

Reporter Oh Sun-min.


[Washington 6:7 Pittsburgh/American League (yesterday)]

Bae Ji-hwan drew a full count in four straight at-bats yesterday, drawing 29 pitches from the pitcher.

[Washington 0:2 Pittsburgh/American League (Today)]

In his first at-bat today, Bae picks his pitches carefully until he gets a full count, and his face contorts as he realizes he’s about to be hit.

It was a 141-kilometer-per-hour ball coming in high and the umpire called it a strike.

[Local replay: I think the ball came in a little high, I’m calling it a strike].

A similar scene repeated itself in the sixth inning.

It was a two-ball, two-strike situation, and I saw a ball that was outside, and this time it was called a strike.

[Local replay: I think it was a little bit outside].

Both the local broadcasters and the MLB scoreboard showed that it was out of the strike zone, but there was no way to overturn the call. 메이저사이트

Umpire Hernandez, who repeatedly called Bae Ji-Hwan out, has been in the news for his ball calls.

[Toronto 13:9 Colorado/USA (last 2 days)]

Recently, Hyun-jin Ryu also got in trouble for having a pitch that was placed squarely in the strike zone called a ball.

Regardless of the team, strikes became balls and balls became strikes.

[Local replay: the pitch is called a strike, which is certainly debatable for umpire Hernandez].

The win was the only consolation for Bae, who went 0-for-4 and failed to hit in nine straight games.

Starting pitcher Keller tossed eight scoreless innings to give Pittsburgh a 2-0 victory.


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