‘Hamstring injury recurrence’ The Bruin could be OUT for 2023…”Surgery contemplated, 3-4 months out”

August 16, 2023 | by

There’s a chance we won’t see Kevin De Bruyne in 2023.

Manchester City will face Sevilla in the 2023 UEFA Super Cup at Yorjos Karaiskakis in Piraeus, Greece, on Sunday at 4 p.m. ET. City will enter the Super Cup as the winners of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in 2022-23, while Sevilla will be the winners of the UEFA Europa League (UEL).

In his pre-match press conference, Pep Guardiola revealed the news of De Bruyne’s injury. “It’s a serious injury, I didn’t know (the injury) was that bad, he’s one of the most important players at the club and we will miss him a lot. We have to decide if he needs surgery.”

The injury is to the hamstring. Guardiola added: “The decision on the operation will be made in the next few days and we could see him out for three or four months. We know he doesn’t need to come back too quickly. We will miss him, but the team was perfect to play without him for two months.” 꽁머니사이트

Injury recurrence. City faced Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final of the 2022-23 season in June. Der Bruyne, a starter at the time, complained of discomfort in the first 30 minutes and was subbed off.

The move was made to make room for a much-needed big man. Der Bruyne had already been dealing with a hamstring injury prior to the game. “Der Bruyne has been playing with a torn hamstring for the past two months,” The Telegraph reported at the time. He played through it for the team’s end-of-season road trip and ended up rupturing the hamstring.

As a result, Der Bruyne was unable to play a full preseason. City prepared for the new season with a tour of Japan and South Korea. They faced Bayern Munich in Japan and Atletico Madrid at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, but Der Bruyne missed both games as he continued to recover from his injury.

He made his first appearance of the season on July 7, coming on as a substitute in the 2023-24 Community Shield against Arsenal. Although the team lost, City went into the new season energized by The Bruin’s return.

But then something happened. The injury had returned. City opened the 2023-24 English Premier League (EPL) season against Burnley on Dec. 12. After coming on as a substitute against Arsenal, Der Bruyne made a highly anticipated return to the starting lineup.

It was too much. In the 23rd minute of the first half, Der Bruener was forced to make a substitution, bringing on Matteo Kovacic. Der Bruener left the field on foot. However, the injury was more serious than expected. It’s a hamstring injury, and there’s even talk of surgery.

Der Bruyne’s absence is a huge blow for City. Beyond the English Premier League (EPL), Der Bruyne is considered one of the best midfielders in Europe right now. Since joining City in the summer of 2015, his talent has blossomed.

He’s a midfielder who has it all. Der Bruyne is considered one of the best playmakers in the game, with his wide vision, accurate kicking, powerful shot, quick thinking and killer passing, ability to use his teammates in 2v1s, and creative play. This makes him an excellent attacking point producer. Since joining City, Der Bruyne has scored 96 goals and provided 153 assists in 358 appearances in all competitions.

He led City to their glory days. Since joining City, he has won five EPL titles, five English Football League Cups (EFL Cup), two English FA Cups, and one UEFA Champions League (UCL) title.

His partnership with Elling Holland last season was fantastic. The player who provided the most assists to Holland in 2022-23 was Der Bruyne. Der Bruyne had 16 assists in the EPL in 2022-23, including eight for Holland.

However, he is set to be sidelined for an extended period of time after an opening day setback. “He could miss the rest of the year with the injury,” the UK’s The Guardian reported, adding that he could return in 2024. If he does miss an extended period of time, it’s possible that he’ll need a long time to find his normal form when he returns.

In the end, Guardiola will have to find an alternative. “There are alternatives with different skills and talents. It’s another opportunity for them, they have to take it. Phil Foden can play in the de Bruyne position, he can play on the flanks. We also have Kovacic. We will find a solution,” he sighed.

The signing of Lucas Paqueta is likely to speed up. After letting the likes of Ilkay Gundogan and Riyad Mahrez leave this summer, City have not made any significant additions to their attacking line. They’re looking to bring in Paqueta to add depth to their second line.

The problem is the transfer fee. Santi Auna of France’s Foot Mercato reported on Tuesday that “City have not given up as they continue to hold talks with West Ham after an initial verbal offer of €80 million was rejected for Paqueta. City have submitted a new verbal offer of €110 million ($146.5 million).”

It was City who were in a hurry. City are in a position to sign Paqueta even if they have to spend an astronomical amount of money. West Ham, however, are reportedly planning to let Paqueta go if they are successful in their bid for Mohamed Koudouz.


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